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For the traveler to the British Isles, County Ceredigion, Wales offers a variety of very pleasant and interesting sites and activities. Situated on the Welsh coast and separated by the Cambrian range from the rest of Wales, Ceredigion is well known for its 50 miles of sandy beaches and crystalline clear sea. Teifi Cars offers a Taxi service for this region including the towns of Aberporth, Cardigan, Cilgerran, Crymych and Newcastle Emlyn.

For wildlife lovers, Cardigan Bay (Cardigan is the English name for Ceredigion) is listed in Wikipedia as the only summer home in the EU to the bottle nose dolphin. "New Quay Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips" and "A Bay to Remember Wildlife Boat Trips" both offer in depth tours of the bay’s flora, fauna and geography for about $30 for a two hour cruise.

In addition to viewing the dolphins at play, the Ceredigion County Tourist website also boasts of rich colonies of seals and sea birds. For those more adventuresome sorts, boats can also be chartered to explore a myriad of sea caves that pock the off-shore rock formations. If diving is your thing, bring a wetsuit.

Even in summer, water temperatures can fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Some bay boat tours will also provide interesting anecdotes of local legend as it relates to the bay and its ancient inhabitants, both human and animal.
A Path in Ceredigion
Ceredigion, however, is not limited to aquatic pleasures for the active traveler. A visit to the cycling downloads on the county’s official website, provides the active cyclist with numerous trails of varied difficulty and terrain. Although impossible to pronounce, the Ystwith Trail offers the cyclist of leisure an easy pedal from Cardigan Bay to Teifi Valley to the north. Because it follows the tracks of the former Great Western Railway line, this route offers plenty of level terrain that is perfect for wheelchairs, children’s bikes, cyclists, hikers and horse mounted travelers.

For the Tour de Wales sportster, the more challenging Rheidol Cycleway takes the pedal prone tourist through quiet country lanes and beautiful forests as it winds toward the Cambrians.

The more scholarly tourist might be inclined to investigate some Welsh history that abounds in Ceredigion County. The Ceredigion Museum describes itself on its website as, "… a vibrant, welcoming institution which through well thought out displays and exhibitions attempts to deepen the understanding of the history and culture of the county to the people of Ceredigion and its visitors."

While many of the museum’s exhibits focus on the Victorian Era, the curators collect, document, preserve and evaluate a number of artifacts that reveal the wealth of Welsh history in the County. After a trip through the museum, the cerebral traveler might wish to explore the few dolmens or rock formations that date back to days of yore.

Whether you want a relaxing vacation or an active vacation, the tourist to this picturesque Welsh county will need lodging. As tourism is the number one industry, there is an abundance of cottages for rent, caravan (RV) parks, bed & breakfast inns, and hotels that are self-catering (you cook your own) or full-serviced (you will be waited upon hand and foot.) After an active day pursuing one’s favorite interests, there is always time to savor the delicacies of Welsh cuisine, the lilt of the Welsh language, and the sparkle of Welsh eyes in one of their local eateries.

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